Getting the party rocking. Born Damola Epemolu in Paris, France, he spent his growing years in Lagos, Nigeria. With an undying passion for music in all its forms, he has quickly evolved what began as a hobby in 2006 into a career that showcases his incredible talent and calm suave that surpasses being your ordinary DJ.

He merges the cultures from the various metropolitan areas in which he has resided – Lagos, New York, Maryland and Washington DC. With a depth fuelled by his musical influences: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Afrojack, Tiesto and
Michael Jackson to name a few. DJ Don X consistently appeals to a wide range of ear drums as far as music is concerned. From Reggae/Dancehall, Electronic Dance Music to African World beats, UK Funky House, Top 40 Pop and Afrobeats, what has come to be identified as the Nigerian Sound; DJ Don X’s limits are boundless. This is evidenced by his weekly “#TGIF Quick Mix”, #DXXS EDM mix and the Unstoppable Mix series that has become a staple to a constantly growing web community from different parts of the globe.

Website: |   Twitter: @djdonxFacebook: @DJ DON X  |  Youtube: djdonx1